Who looks after the Commons?

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Who are the conservators?

There are upto fifteen Commons Conservators, elected on a three yearly basis. All resident in Torrington they administer the Commons for the people of the town. Their work includes enforcement of the bye laws, maintaining the public rights of way and paths, the conservation of the many different habitats and special measure to support some of the rarer species found on the Commons.

The current Conservators, who were appointed in May 2015, are :

  • Hugo Barton
  • Alan Crawley
  • Steph Easton
  • Mandy Harrison (Vice chair)
  • Stephen Jones (Chair)
  • Chiara Nusser
  • Lynda McLaughlin
  • Carol Ryan
  • Peter Slade

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There are a small number of dedicated people who are employed by the Commons Conservators to carry out maintenance work, keep some of the busier areas clean and tidy, run the carboot sales and deal with admistrative and clerical duties.

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Friends Of The Commons

The Friends of the Commons are no friends of those who drop litter on our 365 acres of beautiful countryside! Started in 2009 each member of the group of 20 or so are designated special areas of the Commons to keep free from waste.

If you would like to join the "Friends of the Commons" and are interested in helping out with litter clearing, either regularly or on an 'ad hoc' basis, or who want to be updated on any organised Commons walks or events or can offer their services in any way then please email us torringtoncommons@gmail.com

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